A Simple, Powerful Token Protocol.

1Sat Ordinals on BSV are fast, inexpensive, and fully scriptable via native Bitcoin Script. If you can dream it, you can build it with 1Sat.

The cool kids.

Open protocols mean rapid development, unexpected turns, and emergent interoperability.
Check out what the community is building, or dive in and show them how its done.

1Sat is called "One Satoshi" because it doesn't require dust. What else is different?

Bigger Payloads: Send payloads as large as 50MB or more

Ordinal Lock: Locking scripts allow ordinals to be listed by requiring a payment to a predefined address

Fast and Cheap: Mints/transfers under a penny

The number of use cases is limitless when transactions are this cheap. Even with heavy network usage, transaction fees remain low.

Mint in a single Transaction

BTC Ordinals require a commit and reveal transaction to mint an Ordinal. On BSV, inscriptions are created in a single transaction.

Build the dream, not the protocol.

Explore use cases, and examples to see how 1Sat can accelerate your project.