1Sat Ordinals Protocol

A simple, powerful token protocol on Bitcoin SV.

Can I build 𝑥? Yes.

The 1Sat Ordinals protocol offers unmatched flexibility, allowing developers to build anything they can imagine. With its low cost and full scripting capabilities via sCrypt, it is the least restrictive protocol, on the least restrictive blockchain.

Bitcoin Script

Program your tokens with Bitcoin Script directly, or use sCrypt to customize token issuance or other aspects.

S-Tier Interoperability

Existing Bitcoin data protocols like Bitcom are also compatible with 1Sat Ordinals. Party on Garth.

Protocol Governance, Solved.

We believe the best protocol governance, is none at all. The 1Sat Ordinals protocol will never change. Full stop.

There is no influence to be won.
No power to corrupt. If a decentralized protocol changes, it should be considered a new protocol.

1Sat Ordinals

v1.0 Forever

Welcome to Mainnet

Building on BSV is so efficient that many developers test directly on mainnet, to the point of memehood. Don't worry, we also have testnet for the sanity of those coming from other blockchains.

Upload Anything

Don't limit yourself to storing only hashes of content on-chain. Fully on-chain data including 3d models, audio, video or anything else.

Low Cost

Leverage the affordability of the 1sat protocol to create scalable and economically viable projects.

Custom 1Sat Tokens with sCrypt

For most use cases, simply minting a shiny new BSV21 token will work. For more specific solutions, 1Sat Ordinals can be used in conjunction with complex scripts designed in sCrypt to control things like token issuance.

Example: POW20

A proof-of-work token contract. Miner must solve a hash puzzle to unlock new tokens. Extends BSV21 fungible token standard.

Example: Lock To Mint

Lock-To-Mint is a FT contract where some amount of BSV is "locked" for some amount of time to issued new tokens to the minter.

Flexible Fungible Tokens

Discover the power of the BSV21 protocol for creating and managing fungible tokens.

Explore the Technical Documentation

Learn how to develop on the 1Sat Ordinals protocol and build that awesome thing.