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Decentralized Ordinals market directly on BSV.

A decentralized marketplace created by the 1Sat team. Features an Airdropper, POW20 Miner, full integrated wallet that even works on mobile browsers.

The first BSV20 marketplace! Features unique asset types like BSVMAP that can befound only here.

A first-of-kind collection marketplace featuring layered generative mints.

A multi-wallet, artist focused NFT marketplace with some of the best collections on the blockchain! Provides a quality approval process for scheduled mints, auctions, airdrops and a creator dashboard.

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Community Projects on the 1Sat Ordinals Protocol

There are lots of projects building on top of the 1Sat Ordinals protocol. From unique tooling, to wallets, to collection minters, to markets, the ecosystem is constantly evolving and adding new and exciting projects.

Whether its decentralized market participants like Library of Babel or informational tools like and the Mornin Run, or key infrastructure like JungleBus, there are just too many projects to fully feature here.

Take some time to browse through these awesome sites to get a feel for what is being built on top of the 1Sat Ordinals protocol these days! Overview

1Sat Market is a platform utilizing the 1SatOrdinals protocol to offer cheap, reliable, and undervalued inscriptions. The BSV community has embraced 1SatOrdinals, creating unique, transferable NFTs with globally recognized serial numbers.

The platform supports a range of digital assets, including NFTs, BSV20 fungible tokens, and BSV21 specialized fungible tokens. These tokens are inscribed onto individual satoshis, leveraging Bitcoin's immutable characteristics for simple yet powerful use cases.

1Sat Market is known for its variety and ease of use. Users can explore various NFTs, trade BSV20 tokens, and engage with BSV21 tokens, which include advanced features like Lock-to-Mint (LTM) and POW21. The platform’s reliability and accessibility make it a top choice for digital asset trading.

With 1Sat Market, users can find exciting opportunities and innovative applications within the ecosystem. The platform's simplicity and broad options ensure a valuable experience for all users.

In summary, 1Sat Market is a user-friendly platform offering undervalued inscriptions through the 1SatOrdinals protocol. It provides a comprehensive marketplace for NFTs, BSV20 fungible tokens, and BSV21 specialized tokens, making it a significant player in the BSV digital asset community.

Overview of

Bubblemint has found a way to use the 1Sat Ordinals protocol to combine Ordinals and BSV, which provides significant benefits.

Bubblemint aims to open-source its platform, allowing artists and creators to launch collections independently. The roadmap includes features like LockToMint (LTM), POWMints, and user-generated collections, to be released gradually as the platform gains trust and interest from the community.

At the heart of Bubblemint's success are two types of token mints: parent/child generative mints and "Massive Mints." The parent/child generative mints are managed by sCrypt smart contracts, constructing layers to produce unique Ordinal tokens. This dual approach enables Bubblemint to cater to various minting needs, from smaller, intricate collections to large-scale, high-volume projects.

Users can easily mint their share of generated NFT series by connecting their Yours wallet (formerly Panda wallet) to Bubblemint’s web app.

Creators have the flexibility to set any price for a single token mint. This user-friendly system democratizes access to NFT minting, making it accessible to a broad audience. Overview

Firesat was the first true BSV20 exchange in the ecosystem.

FireSat is a fully self-custodial BSV wallet focused on tokens, supporting the 1SatOrdinals and BSV20 protocols. This wallet offers complete control over digital assets, combining security with innovative features.

Users can easily discover and manage NFT collections like Pixel Balls, Keepers of Merlin’s Library, Satoshi Dragons, and Satoshi Chain Rangers. The app includes a marketplace for older collections, allowing users to check values and trade items. FireSat Wallet also provides access to exclusive collections, bsvmap listings, a BSV-20 marketplace, OG collections, token exchange, and a market overview.

FireSat Wallet seamlessly integrates BSV management with an intuitive NFT marketplace. It offers feeless deposit and withdrawal options, ordinals-based deposit transfers, and a user-friendly design without KYC requirements.

The wallet features a global orderbook for NFT trading, enhancing liquidity and value. This allows users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs worldwide, fostering a vibrant digital asset ecosystem.

Overall, FireSat wallet is a cutting-edge tool for managing BSV tokens and NFTs, providing secure, innovative, and user-friendly solutions for exploring digital assets.

Overview of is a cutting-edge project utilizing the 1Sat Ordinals protocol. It offers a range of innovative features and functionalities that set it apart from other platforms.

One of the key features of is its user-friendly interface, which allows for seamless navigation and interaction. Users can easily access and manage their accounts, making it convenient and efficient.

Additionally, provides a secure and reliable environment for transactions. The platform utilizes advanced encryption technology to safeguard user data and ensure the integrity of transactions.

Furthermore, offers a wide range of customizable options, allowing users to tailor their experience to their specific needs and preferences. From personalized settings to unique features, empowers users to create a platform that suits their individual requirements.

Overall, is a standout project in the 1Sat Ordinals ecosystem. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to security, it is poised to revolutionize the way users interact with the protocol.