1Sat Ordinals

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The go-to Typescript library for 1Sat Ordinals development. Get started building amazing things with 1Sat ordinals in no time. Well documented, easy to use, and super powerful!

bun i js-1sat-ord
  • Create & Send Ordinal Inscriptions
  • Deploy BSV21 Tokens
  • Transfer Tokens
  • Utxo / Cache Helpers

Other Libraries for 1Sat Development

Explore libraries with compatibility for the 1Sat Ordinals protocol. These libraries provide developers with the tools they need to integrate the protocol into their projects with ease.

Other Protocols

1Sat is the base protocol, but other teams have developed several other sub-protocols, and other related protocols supported by the community.


Community mint style token protocol inspired by BRC-20.

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Fully scriptable BSV20 based protocol. Sequel to BSV20.

Read the Docs


A proof-of-work flavored token protocol on top of BSV21.

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OP_RETURN based Metadata protocol for enriching txs.

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Identity protocol based on embedded data signatures.

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Author Identity Protocol. Predecessor of Sigma.

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GitHub Repositories

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Get a comprehensive understanding of the 1Sat Ordinals protocol and its features.


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Resources to Help You Build with 1Sat Ordinals

Explore the documentation and developer resources to start building with the 1Sat Ordinals protocol. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, we have the tools and information you need to succeed.


Access our detailed documentation for a deep dive into the 1Sat Ordinals protocol.

Public APIs

We maintain public APIs to help developers rapidly deploy new applications.

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